Most images are available to print. All prints are done using traditional silver-halide processing and only on archival-quality papers. Each print is numbered out of 9, titled (if applicable), and signed by the artist. Every print comes with a signed “Bill of Sale.” Print numbers/size, the type of paper, and price are "as described" and non-negotiable. 

A $25 charge for packing/shipping will be added to single purchases; multiple prints can be combined at no additional charge. International shipping or special packaging requests (e.g. drop shipping) may incur additional charges. All purchases of physical goods will be charged a 8.750% use tax, to conform with CA state and municipal laws.

If you would like to inquire about a specific image (not pictured below), feel free to email Matt or use the Contact Form. If you have a question about prints that isn't answered above, check out the FAQ