Please refer to the questions and answers below. If you have a question about prints that isn't answered here, feel free to contact Matt using the Contact Form or send your question directly by email

What sizes do you offer? Do you have any standard sizing? 
The standard size for my prints is usually 16x20" but it depends on the image. Some images come standard in 8x12" format. And custom-sizing and pricing is available. 

Do you number your prints? Why?
Yes. Each print is numbered out of 9. Because prints are done in limited-edition runs, this lets the buyer know that their purchase comes with some measure of exclusivity. 

Do you sign or title your prints? 
Yes, when applicable. However, I am happy to sign the back of a print, or leave off the signature/title, upon request.

Do you ever do repeat-runs of a print that is unavailable? 

How are your prints processed? What method do you use?
Normally, I do not print in-house. The lab I use employs a traditional silver halide process, which converts the digital image to a photographic negative; after the image is prepared, it is printed on your choice of high-quality Fuji papers using a industry-leading professional Inkjet methods. 

What kind of papers do you offer?
I offer prints in a number of Fuji Crystal archival-quality types (rated to 20 years), including the standard Luster as well as the Matte type. Given the prices typical of my prints, I would encourage the buyer to consider a fine-art paper (rated to 100+ years) on cotton velvet, bright cotton, or bamboo; these papers are often heavier, warmer, and more textured. 

What if I don't see the image I want? Do you sell all of your images as prints? 
Most images are offered as prints. Please contact me if you're interested in a specific image and do not see it under "Available Prints."

Are the "Available Prints" ready to go? 
Yes. Each of the prints displayed on the Available Prints Page are already sized, priced, printed, and ready to ship. Unfortunately, the sizing, paper type, and prices are non-negotiable.

How long is your turn-around time? How long does it take to buy a print?
Please allow 1-2 weeks for "Available Prints." If you are ordering an image not currently being offered here, please allow 3-4 weeks for preparing and shipping the print. You can expect communication with me throughout the process.

What do you charge for shipping domestically (within the United States)? 
A $25 packing and shipping fee accompanies every domestic order. If you purchase more than one print at a time, you pay the shipping fee only once per order. However, there may be an additional charge for special requests. 

Do you ship internationally (outside of the United States)? How much does shipping cost for my area?
Yes, I do ship internationally. Pricing depends upon where the print is going, its size and weight, any insurance, or special requests. If you need to ship internationally, feel free to contact me and can get you a quote. 

What is the "Bill of Sale"?
The Bill of Sale, which comes with each print purchased, serves as a record of the transaction, indicating such things as the title of the print, the date of sale, the parties involved, etc. It also includes the print number and size. A signed copy is sent with the shipped print(s), and I ask that you return a copy to me upon receipt. 

What if my print never arrives? Or what if there's a problem with my print?
Please contact me immediately regarding any problems with your print. I will do everything I can to rectify the situation, including but not limited to preparing/sending you another print. 

Do you ever sell digital prints? 
At this time, I do not offer digital prints of my work. (Some clients excepted.) 

What about the model/subject? Do they get anything out of print sales?
Yes. Depending upon their contract, subjects receive 10-15% of the print price out of respect for their work.