Image Courtesy of  Molly Choma Photography .

Image Courtesy of Molly Choma Photography.

Matt has been photographing semi-professionally for nine years.
He is a graduate of the MFA in Writing program at University of San Francisco and holds a BA in English from University of Utah. His photography has been published by the queer web magazine, Spit & Spirit, and twice in digital/print by Gorgeous Freaks

Matt was recently featured in exclusives for Pansy Magazine (June 2017), Summary Diary Project (Sept 2016) and Fashionably Male (June 2016) and in Hypnopompia III, the Brooklyn-based art magazine "collecting ikons of male erotica." 

Matt likes the stories that bodies tell about innocence and desire, vulnerability and the sensuous. For him, masculinity (as a subject) is too often traditionally rendered—a kind of lovelessness worth frustrating. Fans claim his compositions “possess wonderful focus, a simple loving elegance. It's as if he falls in love with his subjects.” Eschewing techniques which lean too heavily on direction or post-processing, Matt prefers collaborative relationships with his subjects that spring from ideas and highlight emotive moments—often shooting in natural light and domestic spaces. Many of his subjects are lovers, friends, or fellow artists themselves. 
Matt is 36 and lives in Los Angeles, CA.